Key Capabilities

The Agency is ready to cooperate with new partnering States and to provide them with our staff’s knowledge and experience in the implementation of EU funded programmes, in which ESFA’s 18 years of experience while administering the following programmes has afforded:

With the intrusted programmes delegated to it, the ESFA focuses on ensuring that all funds given by the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania are appropriately used.

The following functions are administered during programme implementation:

  • Launch calls for proposals;
  • Inform and consult applicants;
  • Evaluate of applications;
  • Prepare grant contracts;
  • Oversee project implementation: verify reports submitted by project promoters, verify and approve eligibility of expenditures reported in payment requests, carry out on-the-spot checks, verify submitted public procurement documents, modify grant contracts, manage risks, investigate irregularities.

ESFA can offer expertise in the following areas:

Delegations of CFCUs, Ministries of Finances and other institutions have visited the Agency from the following countries: Moldova, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Albania, France, Belgium, Check Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Poland and Finland. Also, Agency experts have gone to other countries receiving EU support to share their experience about EU financial support and administration. These site visits by Agency experts took place in the following countries: Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium, UK, Scotland, Estonia and etc.

If your organization is interested in a study visit to ESFA and forming a partnership, you are always welcome to contact us regarding possible visit dates, subjects and other practical information. Send us (Asta Jurgutė, ESFA International Cooperation manager, asta.jurgute@esf.lt) please more details regarding your proposed study visit ideas and expectations from ESFA. We are receptive to new partnerships and welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge.