Social innovation grant scheme

The ESF+ Social Innovation+ Initiative will be implemented through two work streams: the social innovation grant scheme and the European Competence Centre for Social Innovation.

The social innovation grant scheme will be implemented through EU wide calls for actions:

  • to roll out proven social innovations in EU Member States and EaSI participating countries by matching “demand” and “supply”,
  • to conceptualise and validate innovative approaches, taking into account results of relevant projects and actions across Europe and other available evidence,
  • to support transnational cooperation, capacity building, mutual learning and joint activities of organisations or networks, which play a strategic and structuring role in supporting social innovation in Member States and EaSI participating countries.

Under the Social innovation grant scheme, the first calls will include:

  • support for rolling out the ALMA Initiative, with an allocation of € 15 million,
  • support to improve professional capacities, and organise transnational learning and cooperation of social innovation support structures, such as National Competence Centres, with an allocation of € 8 million,
  • support for validating and scaling-up of innovative solutions to support the inclusion of young people, focusing on their skills, with an allocation of € 7 million.