European Competence Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre will organise transnational exchange and cooperation through knowledge sharing, mutual learning, and capacity building for social innovation stakeholders. It will become a knowledge hub of social innovation, notably to create enabling conditions for the transfer of good practice and scaling up of tested social innovations.

The Centre will develop a professional infrastructure and organise transnational exchange and cooperation activities to connect relevant social innovation stakeholders, including funders, support organisations, and national thematic. In this context, organising and nurturing the Community of Practice on Social Innovation and Community-led Local Development will be a leading resource and dissemination channel for the European Competence Centre on its way to becoming a European knowledge hub of social innovation.

In addition, ESFA will continue to support and facilitate the other existing Communities of Practice (COP) on Employment, education, and skills, and on Social Inclusion. It will also start organising the work of an additional COP on Migration and renew the activities of CoP on Material Deprivation (Ex FEAD community).

ESFA will also support the existing EU Roma and ALMA networks to facilitate the exchange and sharing of experiences and expertise.

The Communities of Practice and networks will be the primary vehicle for driving transnational cooperation between ESF+ bodies, support structures, such as the national Competence centres for Social Innovation and EaSI contact points, and other relevant social innovation stakeholders.