The National Programee of the European Year 2010 for Combating Poverty and Socail Exclusion

In 2010, the Agency administrated the National Programme of the European Year 2010 for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion (EY2010). During that year, there were two calls for proposals and eventually, three Project agreements were signed with an allocated budget totaling 0,17 mln. Euro. The objective of the programme was to strengthen family status by eliminating child poverty and social exclusion.

In order to achieve this objective, the following targets were set:
• to seek positive developments in society so that the number of children deprived of parental care is reduced;
• to seek that children deprived of parental care are raised in a family or a family-like environment;
• to promote initiatives encouraging positive family values including the encouragement of positive parenthood;
• to strengthen the community‘s role in reducing child poverty and social exclusion;
• to encourage initiatives which integrates positive influences into families socially at risk;
• to disseminate good practices within communities by ensuring that services are administered to children of pre-school and school age;
• to stimulate the integration of children living in child care institutions into the community.